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Back to it then.

Voiceover work.

Got a new setup.

New mic.

New Equipment.

Same mixing bits.

A great many people have told me that it's hard to make it as a professional voice actor - and boy do I have news for them. I could give a rat's ass about that. If someone wants to pay me for my work, then bully to them. If they want my work for free, chances are they'll get it for free. I do this because I like to. I do this because most of the things I work on are spur-of-the-moment things that I think are neat.

Doesn't mean I won't do something bigger.

Just means I could care less about any real money at the moment. Want me to do an episodic thing with a good forty page script? Yeah, money. Five-minute-flash? Nah, gratis.

Just think of it as my "encouraging the expansion of our creative world."

Or laziness.

That works too.

Digging in an old grave...

2011-05-12 23:43:29 by Nevercroft

... The title says it all, people.

Did some magical voiceover fairy come and deposit magic attractive-dust on my demos or something? I mean, seriously, it's been close to two years since I last even thought about doing VA work, yet here I am getting offer after offer from people.

Where were you all when I actually had a decent setup...


New Condenser Mic?

2009-01-30 16:41:01 by Nevercroft

Yes, afraid it's true. I finally got my condenser mic. Hopefully karmic retribution isn't waiting around the corner to get me...

New VA Demo Out!

2008-12-22 07:46:07 by Nevercroft

Well, it seems someone does like me, because I got my new mic a little earlier than expected. Granted, it isn't the tasty Samson condensor mic I wanted, but it's better than my old one. The old one was held together with electrical tape, chewing gum, and an assload of hope. With that said, I'm still getting an ungodly amount of hiss and noise, but I can edit most of that out with Audacity, and the occasional pops are being handled by a jerry-rigged pop filter.

Either way, go check out my new VA demo, and hopefully give me some work!


Voice Acting!

2008-12-19 20:55:22 by Nevercroft

Hello all, it's me again!

Seems I've found my niche as a voice actor, or at least a temporary hidey-hole. I'm doing some small works and some hopefully larger works as time goes on, and have been throwing myself to the mercy of various flash artists. Apparently I'm starting small, with two or three lines in an upcoming space shooter, and a few parts in a larger, more epic production by Jessismith. I'm hoping to get more big work, and will soon produce another demo reel, with my new mic that is coming on the 25th.

Also, I still offer my writing/proofreading/literary criticism to anyone who needs it, so feel free to belt ideas at me. I have a project I'd like to see turned into a flash, but since I have zero effective flash skill, I can only hope some kind animator will come along to save the day.

Till next time!

Well, I've lurked for god knows how long, and finally made an account here. Now that I have, I find myself itching to create something. Now, since I've got no flash skill to speak of, and I couldn't draw something to save my life. I decided to try my hand at writing. Now, as amusing as it would be to see the guys reaction to someone submitting a .rtf to NG would be, I think I'll pass. Instead, I'll be whoring out my writing talents for the next year or so.

What does this mean?

This means that any two-bit flash animator/programmer/collab/evil space mutant/etc. can ask me to come up with anything from a plot line, setting, or character to a detailed scene in one of their movies and/or games. Now, with that said, I tend to shy away from crude, shallow jokes and whatnot, so I'd prefer to be worked to death for an RPG/Adventure game, or a serious flash movie, but if you absolutely need it, I can work low-brow funny in a pinch.

If you're looking for samples of my work, feel free to contact me and I can provide you with a few.

On a related note, I've been toying with the idea of voice-acting, so you might be able to expect that from me. (With 'might' being the key word here...)