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Sleepy Joe misses the bus Sleepy Joe misses the bus

Rated 0 / 5 stars

While this is fine for an animation test, it's not something to submit to Newgrounds.

Warhammer 40k Tribute 2 Warhammer 40k Tribute 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


While the animation wasn't awfully slick, and the Space Marine proportions were a little off, it did have a very dramatic gravitas to it. The art itself was well done, the only real quibble there being the Brother-Sergeant's face - it looked... Well, off sort of.

Story-wise, the banshee's Shuriken Pistol shouldn't have really made such an impact in the Marine's helmet, due to the fact that they're not really traditional bullets. They're really a white substance called Wraithbone, and all Shuriken weapons fire shards of it. Minor thing there though. I also missed the Brother-Sergeant not having a Power Sword, Fist, or Chainsword. Personally, a small duel between the Banshee and the Brother-Sergeant would have been nice.

The dreadnought/wraithlord fight was alright. And while I could understand the dreadnought martyring himself in some sort of last ditch effort to save everyone, buy time, or take out all that he could, a veteran of thousands of years of campaigning - not to mention the considerable skill of the marine entombed within - would, in all probability, not try to give the Wraithlord a great, flying hug.

Not to mention the fact that we're talking about an Ultramarines Dreadnought here.

And to clear up any confusion for people, the Wraithlord's and Dreadnought's aren't the same thing just flavored differently.

A dreadnought is built to be a heavy assault/defense piece. It's bulky and boxy to provide cover for his brethren. A wraithlord is much more agile, meant for purely assault/guarding purposes.

As far as fluff goes, a Dreadnought is an exceptional Space Marine who, upon being crippled, maimed terribly, or otherwise incapacitated to the point where he is useless to the chapter, is entombed withing a tech-sarcophagus (The large rectangular bit in the center of the dreadnought) and hooked into a dreadnought frame. His body is still present, suspended within the lifegiving fluids in the sarcophagus.

I'm not sure on the exact fluff of the wraithlords and wraithguards, but I do know that when an Eldar warrior, or any Eldar for that matter dies, their soul is stored within their soul stone. This is to prevent everyone's favorite hermaphroditic Chaos god of pervs and junkies from claiming what's rightfully belongs to it. These stones are, like the marine's body, hooked into the Wraith-whatever frames to serve the dying race's combat needs.

Now to go back into my hole of nerd-ishness...

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Nocturnus Nocturnus

Rated 5 / 5 stars


An excellent little horror tale, if a bit... tame. But hey, who am I to say what's frightening and whats not. My score doesn't come soley from content, but the actual design and flow of the flash. All in all, it was seamless, with a hitch here and there. It's really nothing breaking, just a touch up type deal. Awesome flash, decent story, a 9 at the worst.

As a note, anyone who rates this low due to the screaming part near the end is a pure and unadulterated idiot. This is a Halloween flash. It is meant to scare and/or provoke a scream from the viewer. If you cannot handle that, put the pacifier back in and get away from this flash.


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