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While this is fine for an animation test, it's not something to submit to Newgrounds.


While the animation wasn't awfully slick, and the Space Marine proportions were a little off, it did have a very dramatic gravitas to it. The art itself was well done, the only real quibble there being the Brother-Sergeant's face - it looked... Well, off sort of.

Story-wise, the banshee's Shuriken Pistol shouldn't have really made such an impact in the Marine's helmet, due to the fact that they're not really traditional bullets. They're really a white substance called Wraithbone, and all Shuriken weapons fire shards of it. Minor thing there though. I also missed the Brother-Sergeant not having a Power Sword, Fist, or Chainsword. Personally, a small duel between the Banshee and the Brother-Sergeant would have been nice.

The dreadnought/wraithlord fight was alright. And while I could understand the dreadnought martyring himself in some sort of last ditch effort to save everyone, buy time, or take out all that he could, a veteran of thousands of years of campaigning - not to mention the considerable skill of the marine entombed within - would, in all probability, not try to give the Wraithlord a great, flying hug.

Not to mention the fact that we're talking about an Ultramarines Dreadnought here.

And to clear up any confusion for people, the Wraithlord's and Dreadnought's aren't the same thing just flavored differently.

A dreadnought is built to be a heavy assault/defense piece. It's bulky and boxy to provide cover for his brethren. A wraithlord is much more agile, meant for purely assault/guarding purposes.

As far as fluff goes, a Dreadnought is an exceptional Space Marine who, upon being crippled, maimed terribly, or otherwise incapacitated to the point where he is useless to the chapter, is entombed withing a tech-sarcophagus (The large rectangular bit in the center of the dreadnought) and hooked into a dreadnought frame. His body is still present, suspended within the lifegiving fluids in the sarcophagus.

I'm not sure on the exact fluff of the wraithlords and wraithguards, but I do know that when an Eldar warrior, or any Eldar for that matter dies, their soul is stored within their soul stone. This is to prevent everyone's favorite hermaphroditic Chaos god of pervs and junkies from claiming what's rightfully belongs to it. These stones are, like the marine's body, hooked into the Wraith-whatever frames to serve the dying race's combat needs.

Now to go back into my hole of nerd-ishness...


An excellent little horror tale, if a bit... tame. But hey, who am I to say what's frightening and whats not. My score doesn't come soley from content, but the actual design and flow of the flash. All in all, it was seamless, with a hitch here and there. It's really nothing breaking, just a touch up type deal. Awesome flash, decent story, a 9 at the worst.

As a note, anyone who rates this low due to the screaming part near the end is a pure and unadulterated idiot. This is a Halloween flash. It is meant to scare and/or provoke a scream from the viewer. If you cannot handle that, put the pacifier back in and get away from this flash.


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Well, to start: The "game", or rather, what little bit of demo we got, has no real substance. and insofar as paying for something that is so obviously low quality in terms of graphics, gameplay, and coherent story? Yeah, sure, right after I go burn this pile of my uncashed paychecks to keep warm.

Secondly, why do you keep ripping the same models and gameplay over and over, giving them a slight makeover, and calling it a whole new game? I realize times are tough, but Christ, there are indie developers who put out much more work that is both quality and varied.

This isn't to be mean, or it isn't meant to be - but every Youda game is the exact same thing ad naseum. If you ask for money, put out quality work. If not, don't expect a constant income from your games. God knows if someone like Relic put out the same old rubbish with a different coat every time, and still asked a premium price, they'd be dead broke.

Finally, and more importantly really, is why in the name of all that's holy have you uploaded a DEMO to Newgrounds (That's not a pr0n game)? That'll get you about as popular as putting your dangly bits in a juicer will get you virile - which is to say... Well, if you can't understand a basic simile like that, then I guess you deserve the vilification.


While the game is quite entertaining in and of itself, some things were particularly well done.

The music didn't get grating after the fiftieth try at something, and the graphical polish is there. The animations weren't overly showy, and had a sort of endearingly whimsical feel to them; I like that, personally.

However, as with everything else in life, it isn't perfect;

- The inclusion of items that dock your pay on certain levels would have been interesting on a less random game -- but as is, the travel arc of pieces of building is far too unpredictable to really make them fair. It would be nice to add in a feature that allows you to toggle the inclusion of these items, or toggle how much cash they dock you for.

- Time freezes when the explosions happen. No real force is exerted on the building itself. I can understand it with the RDX, because it is meant for precision work. However, using TNT is nowhere near as precise, yet it still has the same precision cut effect. I'd love to see you add an explosive force feature in future games (Maybe as toggle-able as well?)

- The PCD and RMX were entertaining enough, and I can see where their use is more specific than general like the other explosives, but their cost in terms of points was slightly off. Maybe you could lower their cost and reduce their effect radius somewhat? It would probably provide a little bit less frustration as far as the random-ness of the game.

You've created a very polished game, and I salute you for it. I also realize that I've spent way too much time on it and that I probably should get back to that Japanese homework...

Congratulations, you've wasted two hours of my life. Kudos to you, mate!

Strangely familiar...

I've gotta say, you hit the nail on the head. Runescape is currently worse than Gaia for producing whiny little noobs who can't even string together a coherent sentence, much less speak the english language. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who decides to waste more than twenty minutes a day on Runescape is either running Dial-up or below the age of 14.

I played it for a little while myself. While it wasn't all bad, it still grated on my nerves a bit. Now you can't do much else but sit and get either pwned by people who played before the nerf or get weak little three day bans. I forsee Runescape going down in a blaze of fail, and every serious player of said Fail will commit mass suicide in something that can only be described by the word pathetic.

I also see a lot of these people who are defending RS have created an account on here just to complain and write a bad review. Only further proof that you fail so much harder than people who simply play RS. I have no doubt you go home at night and LARP RS. In fact, I can see it now. And frankly, it scares me.

If you play RS, and honestly believe it is better than most other MMO's, I have to ask what other MMO you've played. Even Maplestory has more entertainment quality than RS, hell, even Puzzle Pirates has more appeal.

Although the animation was terrible, it was terrible for a reason. To show just how horrible this nazi-ran POS game is. 9/10 From me.

bkdude responds:

This = the best review i've ever gotten towards this flash. It covers every last point regarding pretty much everything generalized to take a small amount of space. Thank You.

I'm not so sure about RS producing worse idiots than gaia, but in the end they both suck. I played RS for almost two years total (all while I was under 14 ironically), and over the past two years of not playing it, I pretty much grasp everything the game has to offer, which is pretty much nothing but mild amusement and heavy addiction.

They recently semi-fixed one of their nerfs by adding pk worlds. I don't plan on trying it out, but I guess it might make the game more enjoyable towards the more dedicated players who miss pking. Their chances of getting old members back who quit is probobly very bad as most of them have probobly moved on.

Not many people who play RS actually LARP, but I'm fairly certain most have thought about it and some have done it. Most of them are probobly people straight from Britain with nothing else better to do...

Yes, the horrible graphics of this Flash are supposed to be a pun on the game's own graphics. The new graphic update on RS is shit. It takes RS from a game with technological advancement of 8 years ago, and brings it up to 5 years ago. Whoop de doo.

I've never played maplestory, and never plan on it. Most k-styled games revolving around the purchase of items make me uninterested as a player of a few k-styled games myself. (Conquer Online, DoMo, Gunz The Duel (I never wasted a penny)). Puzzle Pirates is actually a pretty good game considering its vast free market economy. If there was a game equal to PP without the puzzles, and with more variety in ship routes, I would jump on that game in a heartbeat. I tried playing Pirates of the Burning Sea, which really sucked. Wished I hadn't wasted my 25 dollars on that game.

Recently I haven't been playing anything. Too much homework and have more fun/interesting things to do than games. :)

Once again, Thank You for this very nice review.


I see you are a fan of Fate/Stay Night. A very interesting Anime :). Not the greatest Anime though. Without Saber it would be pretty pathetic. I have a nice list of series that I plan on watching :p

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Can't really give a good judgement here...

Not because it was that bad or that good, but simply due to the fact that your voice was almost nonexistent with the music blaring over it. What program are you using for sound editing? If you need any help at all, feel free to send me a pm and I can get you headed in the right direction.


Raven-Night responds:


I didn't know if I should have quieted the music down more or not, that was the big trouble for me


Really breathtaking...

Or is that the dorito stuck in my throat? *Coughgagchoke*

Seriously though, nothing short of amazing. One thing though, the vocals could have been a tad louder. Just a nitpicky thing though, so it doesn't affect my 5 and ten.

Jessismith responds:

Thank you!!!
I can't believe didn't notice this comment before!
You're awesome, friend....:D
I agree that the vocals could have been louder....I just didn't like my voice....:P


Whether it was planned or not, it sounds really cool. You did a bang up job on it, keep it up!

Chinashima responds:

Thanks man :) Stay tuned. I'll have better ones up

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